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Kids and adults can design their own unique jewelry at Bead Centers. Create your own necklaces and bracelets using different beads. Bead Centers are places to walk in and create your own bead jewelry or take a bead craft class. Find places to make your own bead jewelry.

Taking a Bead or Jewelry Making Class:

If you are an experienced artist or a beginner, taking Bead Jewelry making classes can improve your art skills and introduce you to other artists and contacts. A Bead Jewelry class can create fun memories and have you leave with an improved Bead Jewelry making skill.

Bead Jewelry Making Tips:

  • Find a Bead Jewelry making School that operates in your area to avoid paying for additional transportation.

  • Be certain that the Bead Jewelry making center has the classes or curriculum that your interested in.

  • What types of Bead Jewelry making courses interested in?

  • What's your budget? You will need enough to cover tuition fees, books, supplies and personal things.

  • Ask for a list of classes and Bead Jewelry making techniques they teach. Get instructors names and backgrounds if possible.

  • Does the Bead Jewelry making School have any extra fees?

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