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Comedy Clubs are great fun if you are looking for fun things to do on the weekend. Try visiting one of the many comedy clubs and enjoy a comedian performing a live act on stage. If you are planning a date or your friends, going to a comedy club will give you a great laugh.

Comedy Clubs:

Enjoy a night out laughing at Comedy Clubs watching Stand up Comedians with your family or friends and creating fun memories.

Comedy Clubs Tips:

  • Remember to shut off your cell phone or set them to vibrate. Don't accept or answer a call during the show. Incase of an emergency, find a place outside the show to take the call.
  • Keep talking to an absolute minimum.
  • No flash photography or recording during the show
  • Never heckle or interrupt the comedian. This is rude and is a sure way to ruin the show for everyone. It's also a sure way to be humiliated (which hecklers deserve)
  • Don't forget to tip the wait staff and respect the other rules of the comedy club.
  • Have a great time!

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