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Every bartender should begin with dedicated bar tending teachers that have worked as bartenders. Take a bartending class that offers lessons for all types of drink recipes. Beginners should always continue their bartending education.

Taking a Bartending Lesson:

If you are an experienced Bartender or a beginner, taking Bar tending classes can improve your skills and introduce you to other Bartenders. A Bar tending class can create fun memories and have you leave with an improved Bar tending skill.

Bartending School Tips:

  • Find a Bartending School that operates in your area to avoid paying for additional transportation.
  • Be certain that the Bartending School has the class types or curriculum that you are interested in.
  • What's your budget? You will need enough to cover tuition fees, and other expenses.
  • Ask for a list of Bartending classes and techniques they teach.
  • Does the Bartending School have any extra fees?

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Aurora Bartending Schools

7050 U.S. 9,
South Amboy, New Jersey 08879
United States

Aurora Bartending Schools is located in South Amboy, NJ and offers students Practical Speed Bartending Courses designed to prepare all of our students to work in any and every type of environment, Flair Bartending Courses designed to teach students ...

American Bartenders School

252 West 29th Street, 5th floor,
New York, New York 10001
United States

American Bartenders School is located in New York, NY and have been training bartenders since 1969. It is the nation’s oldest and largest bartending school.

New York Bartending School

68 W 39th St,
New York, New York 10018
United States

New York Bartending School is located in New York, NY and offers students courses like NYB Bartending Certificate which is recognized Nationwide/Worldwide, Bartender-Mixology Certificate Course and Wine knowledge and service for bar & restaurant ...

ABC Bartending School

500 8th Ave
New York, New York 10018
United States

ABC Bartending School is located in Las Vegas, NV and many other cities in the USA. They offer Bartending/Mixology Courses.

Professional Bartending School

2440 Wilson Blvd,
Arlington, Virginia 22201
United States

Professional Bartending School is located in Arlington, VA and offers Bartending Course, Bartending License / TAM Certification and job placement.